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ARTICLES English A Brief Historical of Zomi National Day (By- Pu Lian Uk)

A Brief Historical of Zomi National Day (By- Pu Lian Uk)


Importance of celebrating Chin National Day in vindicating its creation (By- Pu Lian Uk)

The Chin Communities big and small around the world including the Chin Communities in Washington DC Area and everywhere in US are now celebrating the 63rd Anniversary of the Chin National Day February 20, 2011 which falls on Sunday this year. Actually it is the first dawning day of democracy because it is the day on which the mass conference of the Chin delegations from all parts of the Chin mainland, with the consent of the aristocrat chieftains themselves, have adopted from the old aristocratic system to the democratic election system at Falam town on this auspicious day of February 20th, 1948.

They really do practice the system since then in their churches, youth organizations and in whatever organizations they form as the backbone of their national social and religious organizations inseparable with the Chin nationalism. Many of the Chin people have been arrested and persecuted in violation of their human rights by the successive Burmese military regimes for practicing the system. The Chin people, therefore in   tens of thousands have fled their homeland seeking freedom and shelters to escape the discrimination and persecutions through the UNHCR Offices of neighboring countries especially to the USA and many other developed democratic countries that extend compassion on them.

The persecution is now to be increasing more and more for any government in fascist militarism is authorized by the 2008 Myanmar constitution to torture and kill in practicing all forms of genocide in many ways including cultural genocide in an attempt to wipe out the existence of the Chin people to their extinction. It is now also found out in the report of Physician For Human rights (PHR) - in collaboration with the Centre for Public Health and Human Rights at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - revealing widespread accounts of human rights violations and abuses including forced labour, religious persecution, beatings, killing, disappearances, torture, rape and pillaging. Almost 92% of households surveyed had reported at least one episode of forced labour - such as pottering of military supplies or building roads - in the 12-month period prior to the interviews in early 2010.

These new findings corroborate Chin Human rights Organization’s (CHRO’s) own documentation of human rights violations over the past fifteen years in Chin State. They shed further light on the widespread and systematic nature of the abuses inflicted on the Chin people by the authorities in Burma, with complete impunity. After joining the Union of Burma (UB) in 1948 with other territories under the Panglong Agreement, the Chin national day founding fathers from the early days of Independence of the UB had   foresaw and apprehended of the more populated territories in the Union to assimilate the Chin people culture and language in the long run as the Chin territory is no longer an independent territory by itself like it was before the pre British rule.

So this first downing day of democracy was given the name Chin National Day in wanting to create the national day to be celebrated even in festivity singing dancing in the Chin national traditions in special Chin national costumes and attires in the celebration so that it will make the Chin people inspiring to practice and develop their culture and literature ever more in their national life to keep on the Chin nationalism for ever more Observing and celebrating the Chin National Day in this way outside the Chin territory means to create friendliness with the host people outside the Chin territory and to preserve and develop Chin culture and literature among the Chin people in the Chin society to be in harmonious with other cultures and literatures.

The reason it has been observed and celebrated back home in the Chin territory is to maintain recognition of distinct culture and language in the definite boundary of their own Chin national territory by the UN according to the UN Charter. So the reason February 20th has been founded s to be celebrated as the Chin National day is:

1) In remembrance of the great achievement of our forefathers to found this democratic social system for all the Chin people everywhere to make our unity ever stronger because of the day.

2) To promote our Chin national culture and literature by celebrating the national day in Festivity even by singing and dancing in Chin traditions and exhibiting our cultural heritages so that the Chin people could keep on practicing every year in preparation to show them on the Chin National ay celebration.

3) To strengthen ever more our unity and democratic social system and nationalism as a people of distinct culture and literature in the definite boundary of the Chin people’s territory

4) To defend them with all our might and strength as it is the system which the Chin people old and young so Love and admire to live with   so that we could do ever better life and prosperity in unity in the years to come

5) To make our children aware of being the descendants of the Chin people by making them experiencing joyful moments in the process of celebrating the national day.

6) To refresh counting our History from the period we had been once an independent people in our own vast territory as an independent land and

(7) In praying to God, our Heavenly Father, and Almighty for the long live of the Chin people, the Chinland and the Chin National Day.

Please continue on reading “Brief historical account of the Chin people updsated” in the attachment.Thanks,

Brief historical account of the Chin people updated.doc

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written by Panerai replica , July 20, 2012

Thanks for providing such informative post, I have subscribed your blog, keep up good work. I don't need sex, life fucks me everyday.?
Panerai replica

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written by Clement Kham Sian Kip , December 15, 2011

I really appreciated your post about the brief history of Chin National Day. I have never known about this before.Let me request you to translate in Chin language since it would be hard to understand for all Chin people. And The leader of the community should have a short speech about Chin National Day whenever we celebrate Chin National Day.

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