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Singlamteh Susiate thukibawl Ding



Zogam (Chin State), Khalkha khuapi leilu lam a om Rung kici mual tungah abeisa March 2011 sungin Khristian Singlamteh (Cross) lianpi khat kiphut a, February 2012 sungin kibotkhia / kiphuktan in, a botkhia mite tuni ciang dong kitheikhia zo nai lo cih kiza hi. Tua Singlamteh pen tulaitak Khalkha mite' sungah Pasian thugensiam minthang ahi Tluangzawh group le Pasian nasem Rev.Dr. Vam Ram Uk ( Gam le minam ading Thungen Pawlte) kicite makaihna tawh Rung mualtung galkapte omna (Camp) tawh kigamla lo munah kiphut ahi hi.

Tua singlamteh pen kua sawlna/ thupiakna tawh kiphuk a, kua in phuk/ susia cih tawh kisai Chin State Parliaments te le Biakna lam kipawlna tuamtuam pan makaite in kansan mahmah laitak uh hi ci in, Chin State Hlutdaw Representative khatin gen hi. Hih bang a Khristian te' Singlamteh kisuksiatsakna pen Kumpite thukhun tawh kituaklo bek tham loin, a susiate akitheih zawhna ding le nasiatak a Thubawlna (Action) neih dingin Hlutdaw ah thupuak ding cih kiza hi. A beisa February 11,2012 ni akibawl akhatveihna (Chin Sate Hluatdaw athumvei Regular Meeting) ah Chin National Party pan thunei khatin State Parliament ah athusunna ah, " Kampalet Myone sung ah abisa July 28,2011 ni-in, Singlamteh kisuksiatna hangin Kumpi zum (Court) ah khiatna thu om ngei khin ahihna tungtawn in, Chin State Kumpi thuneite in awlmawh lo/ thusim loin, khiatna laite atuna banna zong kitheilo " hih tuak ci in gen hi.

Tua Singlamteh pen Myone Police Officer Captain Aris (sikhin) in atheih hun a singlamteh abawlpa Khalkha khuapi, Pyidawta Quarter ateng Pu Biak Chawn samin, apuahsak kik ahi hi ci in gen uh hi. Tua ahih manin, Zogam ah Khristian biakna zui 100% ( hundred percent) ki om hangin, suahtakna taktak kinei zo nai tuan lo suak ahih manin, Zomi Tapidawte in Thungen in Topa tha tawh i gal ahi Dawi mangpa dokhawm ding kisam semsem hi. Topa aw, Zogam thupha hong pia in.

Source : Chin World Media
Translated :  Pa Kham Khan Suan (Tongsan Translator)

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