Goliath Luguh Kimu


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Tuma kum 1000 val lai a Philistia le Israel te' kidona sungah Pi (9'x8'') asang Philistiate' galkap mangpipa Goliath lutang guh pen Jerusalem pan nitumna lam Tai 20 gamlatna Elah mual kuam zangah abeisa March 23,1993 kumin Tanglai lei sung van zong khia mipil Dr. Richard Martin (Archaeologist) mukhia uh hi. A lawm mipil dangte tawh etcianna (Research) abawl phatphat ciangin kum 2900-3000 kim ham/upa ta ahih banah a tal tungah Suangtang khat om cih ahihna zong mukhia uh hi.

Tua Luguh pen Israel mi Tuucing naupang David in Saili tawh ataltang akapsak Gath (tuin Tell es-Safi) khuami NgalKhuahang kici migolpi Goliath luguh ahihna teltak in theikhia uh hi. Tua ahih manin LST sunga thupiangte Tangthu mawkmawk hi loin, a piang taktak ahihna kiciantak in LST mah tawh lakkhia thei le kipsak uh hi.

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Posted & Translated: Tongsan tanute


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